Company bankrupt.

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Company bankrupt.

by Goudy09 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:01 am

Dear all,

A purely hypothetical question so as I am forearmed....

I am looking at having a swimming pool installed early next year. I have settled on a company and am beginning 'due diligence' on them eg. SIRET numbers, references etc.

If I go ahead with the company they have advised that following a 10% deposit (now) I will be required to pay a further 50% 4 weeks before the installation starts a further 30% when the build starts and the last 10% upon completion and when totally satisfied.
This seems to be about the norm for swimming pool companies from what I have seen.

My question relates to any French consumer law protection that I am afforded should the company go 'bust' at a time when they could have 60% - 90% of my money and I have no pool.
Could I recover my money ? Would there be any redress ?

I stress this is a purely hypothetical question as there is nothing that I have seen so far to indicate the company is in trouble but was just after some reassurance around any protection or compensation schemes.

Thank you in anticipation,


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