Chateau de Cavanac

Where are your favourite restos in and around Ariège? What makes them good? Anything from which bar makes the best coffee to where you can get a great workers' lunch to where to go for a celebration dinner.

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Chateau de Cavanac

by arthur45 » Sat Jul 02, 2011 4:16 pm

A long way geographically from Kalba's recommendation of L'Enso de Marichott ... quite a long way in "sophistication" ..... the Château de Cavanac just south of Carcassonne.

The price alone means its not for regular eating, but if you have a special occasion to celebrate it's well worth thinking about. The surroundings are beautifully converted original rooms or shaded courtyards in summer. Service is efficient and pleasant, and the range and quality of the food excellent. Their own estate produced wine is included, unlimited - and of good quality. Red, rosé and white are open on each table, and replaced when empty - and this is not cheap plonk out of a plastic barrel.

The menu of 5 courses with lots of choice plus aperitif and coffee and digestif and including wines costs 42€ - read their current dishes at

Our kind friends who were our hosts on this occasion also arranged the transport .... which is the main problem, unless one of the drivers of your party can resist the "free" wine !!!
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Re: Chateau de Cavanac

by carlaboy » Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:08 pm

Spent a very nice evening in this place with some relatives. If it wasn't for our driver ( My wife ) We would have needed to be airlifted out. Fine food and very fine wine!
Excellent recommendation

Thank-you Arthur

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