L'Enso de Marichott, Ségalas/Durban sur Arize

Where are your favourite restos in and around Ariège? What makes them good? Anything from which bar makes the best coffee to where you can get a great workers' lunch to where to go for a celebration dinner.

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L'Enso de Marichott, Ségalas/Durban sur Arize

by kalba » Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:20 pm

If you've ever driven along the D117 between Foix and St Girons on a summer night, you may have wondered why the Aire du Ségalas is lit up with lots of coloured lights and is teeming with people. The answer is a wooden hut.

The wooden hut (well, actually a chalet, and it's grown) is L'Enso de Marichott: a summer (1 July to 31 August) buvette run by José and Jean-Luc, who raise ducks at L'Enco de Therese et Rosalie nearby. The food is based around duck and is simple (and all the better for it): the produce is either their own or from very local producers, all named on the blackboard and much of it bio or equivalent. Wines are from Engravies, beer is locally brewed. Saturday night is kebcan night: a kebcan is a duck kebab, served with good frites that have been cooked in duck fat. And so on. You can eat three courses or you can snack; whatever you eat or drink you won't spend much, but you will have a seriously good time: what makes L'Enso stand out (apart from the food) is the hospitality of Jean-Luc and José, who genuinely love doing what they do and make no bones about the fact that that's why they're happy to open from morning till late, 7 days a week.

They don't need my recommendation: it's often (and always on a Saturday night) heaving. There are more tables this year, and Jean-Luc has even put in a roof over part of it so that even les intemperies don't stop the craic. You can take food away and eat it on the picnic tables in the aire (that's how it started a few years ago!); you can even book your table (05 61 02 81 53).

Very highly recommended.

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Re: L'Enso de Marichott, Ségalas/Durban sur Arize

by Margaret » Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:50 pm

This review tempted us there at lunchtime on Monday. The situation wasn't as Kalba described. We were there at the same time as a dad and his 3 children, and that was all. But still, what was not to like? They had masses of time to come and chat to us, particularly Jean-Luc, and they are rightly proud of the local provenance of just about everything they serve. We had a barquette of frites in duck fat while we were waiting - miam, miam! We'll be back one evening to enjoy what sounds to be a very different atmosphere, even though it's a bit far from us. Only downside: the French public toilets nearby. Not a pretty sight. But Jean-Luc did give us soap to use while we were there
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