Restaurant updates please!

Where are your favourite restos in and around Ariège? What makes them good? Anything from which bar makes the best coffee to where you can get a great workers' lunch to where to go for a celebration dinner.

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Restaurant updates please!

by Cathy » Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:24 pm

It's that time of year again...lots of visitors coming and the usual...where the hell shall we go for lunch/dinner as we do the tourist rounds.

How about a few updates? I have been through our restaurant reviews and deleted those I know have closed. What's new? What's still good? What's re-opened now that summer's here?

Arthur mentioned in one of his early reviews that there are 28 restaurants in Foix, yet we only have reviews for 2 or 3. Where's worth checking out? I am still in mourning for the loss of John and Vicky's restaurant Gaia, his roquefort souffle was the best! For info, the place is now renamed le Gaya, and offers mainly crepes I think. Has anyone been?

Ax les Thermes is very pleasant in the summer, but we have no reviews at all for Ax. Have you been recently? Where can you recommend?

Looking forward to hearing your comments and bonne bouffe!
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Re: Restaurant updates please!

by CaroSam » Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:57 am

Hi, Caroline here. We have a holiday place in Ax and are over there as much as possible. For the size of the town there is an abundance of restaurants. We regularly go to La Trattoria for calzone and escalope milanese or Le Grand Cafe is excellent for a bargain meal with good outside area. (Main/dessert €12). Both Trattoria and Grand Cafe are really welcoming if you have any little eaters. (We have a 2 yr old). For a decent all french set menu Le Petit Montagnard and Les Quatre Saisons offer up high quality every time, evidenced by the high portion of locals as clientele. Ax is a lovely little town, often overlooked in summer as the masses come more for the ski-ing. Summer market days are Tues, Thurs and Sat. Always nice to have a browse, lunch with a mountain backdrop and then I like to head to the thermal baths to wind down from the exertions! Lastly, as feel bad if I don't mention le Breilh, which is a very popular bar /restaurant with a great outside area with friendly staff. Best choice for a drink by far. (we now get free drinks as the 'english locals'). Hope this is helpful to anyone thinking of a visit. C.
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Re: Restaurant updates please!

by catleyrichardsons » Thu Nov 12, 2015 4:05 pm

Really interested to hear your current favourite restaurants - ones you go to for a birthday meal perhaps?
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Re: Restaurant updates please!

by Cathy » Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:26 pm

As the spring starts springing, hopefully the winters shutters are coming off some of the Ariege restaurants.

Where have you been lately? What can you recommend? Is anything in our restaurant review list now closed?

Where do you go to eat on Sunday evening out of season? Late March last year we walked round Foix to find EVERY SINGLE restaurant closed, even the last-port-in-a-storm Cafe Gros. This year around the same time I phoned about 4 restaurants before resigning myself to pizza at the Mandoline in Tarascon (but very good pizza I must say).

Has anyone been to the new "Buffet a volonte" restaurant in Tarascon that's opened just before the roundabout to the dual carriageway? Didn't catch the name as I drove past, but it's a lunch spot doing a fixed price all-you-can eat buffet?

Please do share any info you have, many thanks!
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Re: Restaurant updates please!

by arthur45 » Thu May 05, 2016 10:12 pm

I should be best placed to update the Mirepoix scene, since it is my home town (although I confess to preferring eating out when we escape down to fish restaurants on the coast). Let me try a short summary for anybody planning a visit. Not in order of merit !!!

L'Autre Jardin. A bit more expensive, but good food, different atmosphere from the central square, friendly service. Not a very wide choice. Choosing your own wine in the cellar is a novelty.
Le Llobet. High quality cooking and authentic setting spoiled by indifferent welcome bordering on frosty if you are not known.
Les Minotiers. I tend to feel sorry for them, because they do nothing wrong - food excellent, service extremely professional, very large portions (which I don't like but many do), wide wine list - but inside you could be anywhere, and if you come to Mirepoix it's for the mediaeval centre, is it not.
Le Saint Maurice and Les Castignolles bracketed because both have recently changed gear, recruited new good chefs and become proper food contenders as opposed to just good bar/cafés. Check times for Casti, not yet every lunch/evening.
Le Petit Bouchon A third good choice on the main square, now with a fight on after the upgrading of the two above.
Le Commerce Wide choice of dishes, and no complaints about food or service, but drab indoor setting means (for me) only worthwhile in season when you can be outside in magnificent tree-shaded courtyard.
Brasserie Le Rumat Looks like local pub only, but excellent value for money on limited menu and lunchtime only.

Sorry not visited sufficiently recently enough to give valid comments - Le Cantegril, Les Remparts, L'Impérial (Chinese), L'Auberge de Mirepoix (may in fact be closed down), Le Comptoir Gourmand, La Louna, Le Grain de Sel, La Flambée and some smaller establishments.

Please do not hesitate to post if you have a different experience of any of them. Bon appétit. Arthur
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Re: Restaurant updates please!

by Cathy » Sat May 07, 2016 11:24 am

Many thanks Arthur for this comprehensive and useful guide to Mirepoix, I concur with comments on the warmth (or lack) of reception at le Llobet, but smile and persist, the food is worth it.

PS - has anyone else been to L'Imperiale? or can you recommend a good Chinese/Vietnamese anywhere?
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Re: Restaurant updates please!- Tarascon roundabout

by Vicky » Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:28 pm

Hi there
The restaurant on the road up from Tarascon doing all you can eat buffet is the 3 Buffets, we've been once and you queue to pay, then find somewhere to sit and help yourself. For me, the starters and desserts were best, lots of choice, some of the mains looked a bit stewed - don't know why as the food was topped a lot as it was really busy. Worth going if you're passing but not worth travelling to.
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