A cave at the foot of Château de Calamès

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A cave at the foot of Château de Calamès

by askmaxim » Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:50 pm

Another visit to the ‪Château‬ de ‪Calamès‬ trail today. No other people - so we could well explore the cave at the foot, video: http://youtu.be/c-tzgjehhvw . Conclusions: (1) some parts of material inside the cave consist of soft clay mixed with rounded pebbles like those you find in a mountain river (e.g. Ariege) or on a sea shore. The clay is so soft that I could extract a stone from the mass with my fingers, and the stone was round and smooth. Means, it was polished by water before it became part of this cave; (2) there is a distinct line where the 'facade' of the cave meets 'the ground' (the relatively flat terrace in front of the cave's entrance). Looks like the huge rock fell from above, and a part of it became hollow (became the cave). Further to that, all caves seem to have a flat 'floor', as if the rock fell from above on this 'floor' and made the top of the cave; (3) when looking down onto the valley at the foot of the mountain range, one can notice that the valley is mostly flat, with a distinct line between the edge of the valley and the wall of the mountain. This means the whole valley was a huge river, then gradually turned into soil, but the smooth round pebbles fill the soil.
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